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we are in this together #covid19

Who knows that 2020 will strike us this hard with covid-19 wrecking the globe. I think no one ever wishes any of this happening. Are you one of those people who wish 2020 will be your year when everything gets better, you are achieving your dreams, or your plans finally work out? If yes, count me in fellas. Now that the pandemic is going on a rampage, we don’t have any choice but to stay home. It’s still the beginning of April but uncertainty already blurs the rest of the year. Yeah, it’s definitely depressing. We all feel it.

The first time I knew about corona virus and covid-19 from the news on the internet at end of 2019, I didn’t take it seriously. I was just like “Another virus from China? That’s no surprise. It happened before with SARS and MERS and we survived! As long as I keep myself healthy I’m gonna be alright.” I was so naive and thought it wasn’t a serious problem. I wasn’t the only one who think that way though. A lot of Indonesians even people on earth have the same thou…

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